Vendor Invoice Processing System

The NYC Department of Health is launching an automated Vendor Invoice Processing System (VIPS) for all vendors doing business with the agency in 2018. VIPS will simplify and speed up invoice intake and payment, streamline review and approval, and make it easier for vendors to get the status of their invoice payments. VIPS will allow you to electronically submit invoices and supporting documentation for payment and view the status of your invoices. To access VIPS, you must be registered in PIP. VIPS Account can be created after you click Log In at the right hand corner of this page. Roles for users and viewers can also create their accounts by logging in, however, their roles must be approved by their VIPS administrator.

For NYC ID registration and login, please use either your business email address or a personal email address. VIPS does not accept the use of social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.